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Here Are 6 Reasons Why..
The costs involved in the running of a business require constant monitoring to ensure profit
But what happens if cashflow problems mean that you have to make decisions that directly affect the
day to day running of your business?
If one of those costs is company vehicles, you might just want to consider vehicle leasing. Here are 6
reasons why…….

  • 1. No Upfront Capital – Purchasing vehicles for your business require down payments. This can tie up capital that can be used elsewhere in the business. Leasing allows you to acquire new AURIC VEHICLE SOLUTIONS 09/01/2018 Page 2 of 2 vehicles for a fixed monthly payment from day one.
  • 2. Reliability – Having a lease vehicle mean that you will get a brand-new vehicle that is reliable and unlikely to eat into the business’ time during repairs and MOTs. An added bonus to having new vehicles is the improved safety features and fuel consumption.
  • 3. Tax Benefits – As a business, your lease car will be subject to VAT. However, you can claim back 50% VAT if, like in most cases, the vehicle is also used for private business, or 100%if the lease car is used strictly for business.
  • 4. Bulk Buying Power Benefit – Leasing Companies have access to discounts due to their bulk buying power. These discounts are passed on to their clients, meaning you will end up paying reduced monthly rentals.
  • 5. No Downtime for New Employees – Most leasing companies can supply you with a new vehicle for your business very quickly. This reduces downtime for your staff and allow for a smooth running of the business.
  • 6. Maintenance Costs – Your lease vehicle is likely to be under warranty for most or all of the term of your lease. Only servicing, tyres and other consumables will be included into the maintenance cost.


WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) is a test procedure brought in to
replace NEDC (New European Drive Cycle), that tests the Fuel Consumption and CO2
emissions of new cars. It is a standardized light commercial vehicle measure used
internationally making it more realistic for customers.
What does this mean for lease customers…?

31 August 2018 is the deadline for registering any vehicles that have not been WLTP tested.
This means that they can no longer be sold after this delaine. Meaning there are some good
deals to be had as dealers try to get rid of these pre-registered vehicles

What can Auric Car Leasing do for you?

Auric excels in our ability to control the quality and cost of the supply and maintenance of the
vehicle, whilst reducing downtime and delivering high service levels. Our vast maintenance
network ensures that we have repairers on hand to assist your drivers and reduce off the road
Get in touch today and speak to our team of experts.

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